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Túi EDC Baribal (Made In Poland) (WZ.93)

Hết hàng
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Chất liệu:
- Cordura Dupont 1100D
- Polyamide Pasamon chuẩn quân sự mil-spec-w-17377
- Khóa kéo Alpha Technology
- Miếng dán VELCRO/FastFix
Kích thước: 18 x 13 x 3 (cm)
In front of the organizer there is pocket (1 centimeter – deep) with angled zipper. Below is Velcro panel on the MOLLE system webbing. It creates place for morale patches. At the sides there are elastics for pen, lightsticks, small kubotans, flint etc. Inside – there is full size mech pocket with zipper. Due to mesh fabric we can see what is inside.On the outer side of this pocket there are elastic webbing slots: 6,5cm; 3,75cm; 2,75cm – width. On the other side of the organizer there is the another mesh pocket and elastic organizer. Slots creates cells: 5cm, 4cm; 2,5cm; 1,5cm. At the side of pouch there is practical handle.
At the back of organizer there is flat pocket with zipper. 5 straps (25mm) are sewn on the pocket. It allows to install this Organizer to a belt (mounting straps included). The lower part of the organizer contains D-ring to attach e.g. tactical pouch, keys or paracord pendant or just for easy grab.

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